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Grief In Real Time

Hello and welcome to my blog!

Welcome to Grief in Real Time, a real, raw, and unapologetic blog about grief, the impact that loss has on your life, and how to fight this battle. (Because it is indeed a battle!) I am K. Danielle, a wife, mother, author, and grieving daughter. I will humbly and transparently share my personal journey with grief and life after loss in hopes to help someone along the way. Let me begin by telling you why I started this blog.

Why did I start this blog?

If I had to be completely honest, I didn’t want to. Even as I sit here in my messy office space and type these words, I ask myself, “Kim, what are you doing?” And the answer to that question is being obedient. For the first time since God put it in my spirit to do this, I am being obedient. I am nervous, scared, and full of doubt, but I write these words in spite of all of that. Obedience.

To be honest, I’ve been avoiding this like a plague since the words grief in real time first entered my mind. For me, a person who’s passion for writing spans her lifetime, words equal finality. Writing, the one thing that brings me unspeakable joy, peace, and contentment, lost its luster the day my mom took her last breath, over three years ago. And now I find myself trying to reignite my passion for writing as I mourn the woman who kept me fueled.

What you will be reading about in this blog?

Grief and my personal journey after losing my mom, my best friend, and biggest supporter, Zerlin Dean Jones, will obviously be the main topic of my blog. But I also want to create a safe and non-judgmental space to read and share stories about our loved ones as we adjust to life without them. I will share resources that I think may be helpful to myself and anyone who is struggling with life after the loss.

Grief is ugly and unpredictable. No one’s experience with grief is the same. It is individual and sometimes lonely. So let’s love, cry, laugh, share, learn, and heal together. This is Grief in Real Time!

Love & Light,

K. Danielle


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